With Angels

Carman C. Curton

We fought with angels. And we won. We shared our weapons. They shared what they knew of the Fallen, a wisdom vast and dark. 

Together we could not be beaten—even by the unnamable. 

Angels are joyless bastards. You wouldn’t think so, but there you are. They can’t have—anything. No possessions or homes or family or love.

And then we discovered angels could have some things. Selfishness. Greed. Desire. Lust. Jealousy.

They wanted. So they took. 

In the beginning, we tried to be understanding. We shared everything with them. Everything. Only, when you can have but cannot love, then you just want more. And more. Their need was indiscriminate. Bottomless.

We knew they would turn our own weapons against us. Knew they would use knowledge gained from far more than a single tree in an ancient garden. But while they fought with covetous fury, we fought for those who bound us to this world, for the planet that held us apart from the heavens, for our glimpse of the stars these very angels had hung so tantalizingly out of our reach. We knew want, but we know love, too. And so. We fought with angels. And we won.


Carman C. Curton consumes caffeine while writing a series of microstories called QuickFics, which she leaves in random places for people to find. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook @CarmanCCurton.

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