Special Announcement: Poetry Submissions Now Open & Submission Deadline Extended!

After searching high and low in our literary and artistic circles, the Editors of The Violet Hour Magazine are very pleased to announce our latest recruit: Senior Poetry Editor Nicholas Dubé. Click here to learn more about Nicholas, and click here to read our updated Submission Guidelines.

In honour of our expanded submissions pool, we are also pleased to announce an extension of the submission deadline for our April issue. Submissions will now be accepted until midnight (EST) on April 31st, 2023. Publication of the forthcoming issue will now take place instead on May 14th, 2023. All contributors who have submitted to date, as well as all forthcoming contributors, will be notified of the Editors’ final decisions regarding their work before or by May 7th.

Please note that all submissions received by the new April 31st deadline will be considered for May 14th publication. All submissions received from the beginning of the next submission window on May 1st will be considered for the regular August 14th publication.

The Editors thank you all for your patience, and we look forward to continuing to review your work!

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