We are a team of talented and dedicated professionals, with over a decade of experience in the arts and literature community, as publishers as well as contributors. We love what we do, and are passionate about contributing our skills towards every piece we publish.

Celeste Piercey

Publisher, Executive Editor

Holder of a BA in English & Professional Writing from York University, and past Executive Editor of York University’s international literary magazine Existere. By day, she is a writer/editor of manuals, and by night, a publisher/freelance editor/freelance writer. She lives for the delight of words.

Danielle Dufoe

Senior Submissions Editor

Holder of a BA in English & Rhetoric Studies from Laurentian University, and currently progressing towards a BA in Psychology from Laurentian University. An office worker by trade, secretly (not-so-secretly) dedicated to the arts and literature world after-hours. She hasn’t met a genre or niche that she hasn’t read or added to her TBR list, and remains, to this day, the only person known to the Executive Editor to have repeatedly read both Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky recreationally.

Nicholas Dubé

Senior Poetry Editor

With the spirit and insight of a beat poet, this financial industry professional moonlights as a musician, philosopher, lifelong student, and born teacher. If there is an existential debate to be had, or a perspective to analyze and critique, he is the first to step up to the challenge (and has inspired the Executive Editor to more than a few spontaneous research projects, just to keep up). Most importantly, whether reading the work of a fledgling or seasoned writer, he has an instinct for quality and a sharp eye for potential in talent. “The potential is the key. The rest is why editors exist.”

Staff Readers

At this time, our executive team remains our primary readers for all incoming submissions. Staff readers will be added to this list on an ongoing basis when they are recruited.


Mascot, Co-Manager of Office

Holder of many cookies. Receiver of many ear scritches. Inspector of all incoming mail and takeout.

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